quarta-feira, fevereiro 15, 2006


This is the survey my friend Tiiu has asked me to take:


Blogger Peety said...

GREAT answers to your survey....

I am glad that you took the survey..
I know a little more about YOU..

We share a little in common and that
is a friend Tiiu..
She is special and so are you..
And the love for chocolate, and shopping .............

Enjoy your day with or without chocolate (wink)..


15 fevereiro, 2006 08:57  
Blogger [ M.i.s.s U.n.p.e.r.f.e.c.t ] said...

Happy valentine

15 fevereiro, 2006 16:45  
Blogger Tiiu said...

Very, very interesting was read your answers. Thank you so much...really great answers
hearty hugs
The sun!

15 fevereiro, 2006 19:34  
Anonymous Anónimo said...

I love Titania and her blogs!

16 fevereiro, 2006 10:21  
Blogger ≈♥ Nadir ♥≈ said...


16 fevereiro, 2006 15:16  
Anonymous Jean-François said...

Un tout grand merci pour ton message à l'occasion de mon 35ème anniversaire. Gros bisous de la Belgique.

16 fevereiro, 2006 23:17  
Blogger Peety said...

Have a nice week-end..


17 fevereiro, 2006 10:26  

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